About Ashley

I’m a wife and mom to two young, very active little boys and their little sister on the way.


In 2019 my husbands job moved us to Northern Florida. 


Can you say…


Hello Beach Life!

I am an entrepreneur at heart and most of my adult life have wanted to own my own business. I use to spend much of my free time thinking of things I could do or things I could sell that would make money.


After I had my first baby, I experienced extreme postpartum depression. I realized if I was going to survive through this dark period in my life, I needed to find something that made me feel like me again.


I did some serious thinking and a whole lot of research online to find something that was all my own. I came across the term Virtual Assistant (VA) and dove right into learning all I could. After taking an online course called $10k VA, I had the confidence to jump right in!


After just a couple of months, I was completely booked. I could not take on any more clients without sacrificing time with my kiddos.


This was great for a couple of months… but then I was ready for more. 


However, even though I wanted to make more money, I did not want to sacrifice any time with my kids. I was once again on the search.


Not to long into my research and I knew what I had to do was to find a speciality, also commonly referred to as niching down.


Looking at my current clients, I realized that they all had a podcast. That’s when the light bulb went on! I decided to specialize (niche down) and work with podcasters. I was going to learn all I could about podcasting and offer only podcasting services.


I have absolutely loved working with my podcast clients and have never once looked back!


Now I teach others how they too can niche down and create a successful business working with podcasters. Join me over at AssistAPodcaster.com if you’d like to learn more about working with podcasters.